Parent Code Of Conduct

Parents play a crucial role in the education and social development of their children. Dunsborough Primary have a fantasic body of parents who get involved with many aspects of school ife. Through a partnership with our students' parents we have attained a very high standard of education and civic responsibility in our students and this is something valued highly in our community. Our school sets high standards for our students and these standards and we rely on parents to assist the school in helping students achieve them. The following is a guide to how parents can support us in our endeavors to bring out the best in their children while they are at Dunsborough Primary School.

As parents we can show respect and concern for others by

  • Following the parking rules and doing the right thing when delivering and collecting children from school.
  • Welcoming new families into the school by introducing ourselves (smiling and being friendly).
  • Showing respect for teachers by:
    • Using appropriate communication channels when dealing with the school.
    • Encouraging children to use problem solving channels at school (eg. Peer mediation, chaplaincy).
  • Showing tolerance and understanding towards others.
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions.

As parents we can support our children in learning and encourage them to try their best by

  • Being good role models.  Its what we do that really counts, for example, we can:
    • Pursue life long learning and share knowledge and experiences with our children.
    • Read to ourselves and to our children.
    • Encourage the development of ‘enquiring minds’ in our children.
  • Ensuring that our children are ‘equipped’ to learn, for example, we can:
    • Provide appropriate items as per the class lists including parents contributions.
    • Ensure children are well rested and well nourished when they arrive at school.
    • Ensure we provide our children with a healthy nourishing food at school.
    • Encourage a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Taking an interest in our children’s school work, for example, we can
    • Encourage the completion of homework in all subject areas, for example, by  providing a time and place for children to do their homework.
    • Help out in the classroom.
    • Maintain regular contact with teachers via school diary and newsletters
    • Ask children about their day using open questions and actively listening to what they say.
    • Praise our children for all their efforts and recognize their learning.
    • Make every effort to be involved with Sports Days, Learning Journeys, art projects, assemblies and fetes

As parents we can show self respect and self acceptance by

  • Recognising our own and encouraging our children’s individuality and accepting that of other’s.
  • Being confident enough to:
    • Have a go.
    • Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them.
    • Be able to talk about your own self-acceptance – its OK to be an individual.
    • Encourage decision-making and let children make their own mistakes (‘risk taking’) and learn for themselves.
    • Involve yourself in the classroom and share your own culture, skills and experiences.
    • Set realistic and achievable goals.
  • Being happy, confident and content with ourselves.
  • Show and encourage a passion for life (Life’s good!).

As parents we demonstrate our environmental awareness by

  • Recycling (at home and at school).
  • Participating in environmental excursions.
  • Keeping the school tidy by picking up rubbish and not littering.
  • Walking or riding safely to and from school.
  • Ensuring future development of the school is environmentally sound.
  • Encouraging water wise gardening at home and the school using water wise local plants where possible.
  • Encouraging awareness of our local heritage.

As parents we can show we care about our school community by

  • Being involved in the school community, for example, we can:
    • Attend P&C meetings.
    • Volunteer for Canteen Roster.
    • Volunteer to help with school activities (eg Community lunch, Busy Bee’s, fundraising and sporting events etc.)
    • Participate in extra curricular activities eg Junior Sport by supporting teams, coaching, umpiring.
  • Treating all school property with care.
  • Familiarising ourselves and our children with and respecting the school and community rules.
  • Making the effort to be aware and involved with the future of schooling in Dunsborough.
  • Promoting the culture of helping out and the satisfaction of being involved and achieving.
  • Respect the ‘Sign-in’ policy and adhere to it.


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