Voluntary BYO iPad Program

The overall goal of this iPad initiative is to engage students and enable them to develop the skills and habits to become successful 21st century learners within a school educational setting. 

How Does the Voluntary BYO iPad Program Work

This program is voluntary. If a family chooses to have their Year 2 -6 child participate, then:

Child/Family Component
 Child brings to school each day a charged iPad (see later for specific model details)
 A strong protective cover is provided from home (see later for recommended models)
 A pair of over the head headphones are provided from home
 Parents agree to purchase school specified iPad Apps to a maximum value of $50 per year. ($60 for Year 2 students)
 Parents agree to sign the ICT usage agreement and permission to use third party applications that is sent to parents at the start of each school year.

School Component
 The school will connect the student supplied iPad to the school ICT network
 The school provides filtered and logged internet access
 The school provides shared access to school owned iPads for students who are not in the program
 The school owned iPads will have the same set of Apps as do the BYO iPads
 The school will maintain fit for purpose ICT infrastructure that allows the program to operate and evolve. ICT requirements will comply with Department of Education policies and guidelines.
 The school will actively support the program through the provision of on-going teacher development in the use and integration of iPads within the classroom.
 The school develops common rules and practices to ensure safe iPad use and storage. This includes that iPads will only be used under direct teacher supervision.
 The school works to implement the Western Australian Curriculum and specific elements relating to Cyber Safety and Ethical ICT use.
 The school provides on-going technical support to ensure that problems of a technical nature are quickly resolved.
 The school will provide information for parents regarding Cyber Safety and
associated issues.

Go to https://www.dunsborough.wa.edu.au/page/181/BYOD---iPad-Program
to access the APPS required for 2023.

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