Bay OK Day

What is Bay OK Day? A day when we celebrate our environment and sustainability. The whole school goes to the beach and each class enjoys a series of three workshops. There are 26 different activities happening at the same time. Over the course of a student's time at DPS they should enjoy most of the learning experiences provided by the volunteer professionals and organisations.

Why do we do it? Environmental responsibility and sustainability are core values in our school community. The day links our school directly with the community and gives students an opportunity to engage in educational activities provided by professional experts in their fields.

How do we do it? The programme content has been developed over many years and focuses on Sustainability, Science, Marine Education, Water Education, Marine Safety, Biodiversity, Art and many other aspects. We all walk down to our beach at the Boat Ramp and assemble for our opening ceremony including an Acknowledgement of Country. The P&C provide us with a healthy snack of fruit to share when we arrive. Special events usually occur for the students, including invited guests, specific information and/or displays before or after the activities. Teachers enjoy the activities with their class led by the volunteer provider. After the 3 rotations we share a Litter Free picnic lunch and then head back to school - tired and happy! Three senior classes head by bus to Pt Picquet and learn about birds and whales, with a monitoring and Science focus.


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