Interm Swimming Lessons

All students from Year 1 - 6 have been participating in Interm Swimming throughout Term 1. All students were expected to participate in the lessons as they are one part of the primary school curriculum and particulary important in our geographic location.

All students have agreed it has been a fun experience walking to the beach with their friends and enjoying our relaxed summer lifestyle. Below is a "Swimming Relfection" piece by one of our Year 6 Students.

"I really loved doing swimming lessons this year in Term 1. Walking to and from the beach was really interesting because our class was marching down to the beach like soldiers which was really funny and going up from the beach we were very chatty. Normally we we got in the water it was so freezing because we were first up but once we got under it was alright. For stage 7 we had to swim 150m all together, 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 25m back stroke and 25m survival backstroke. Also for fun we got to do butterfly and dolphin dive. Overall it was the best swimming lessons I have ever done."

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