What Teaching and Learning Programs will students receive in Term 2, School Cleaning and other Week One Information.

Students who come to school will be taught a face to face program by their regular teacher and participate in the normal school timetable of lessons across the curriculum. Based on the responses of parents who participated in a school wide survey this week, we are anticipating there will be approximately 350 students returning to school this week or about 50% of our school’s population. (This figure may end up higher as over 150 parents did not respond or could not be contacted).
For those students whose parents choose to keep them at home, a distance learning program, which was prepared by our class teachers at the end of term 1, will be provided for the first week of school. From week 2, hard copies of further work packages, as prepared by the Education Department or the school, will be made available to parents.
Contact will be made with students, who are learning from home, by their regular class teacher, at least once each week by phone and/or online.
Information will be sent out to parents of children learning from home with information on how, where and when home learning packages can be picked up from school.
What extra steps will the school be taking to ensure our school is a safe place for children?
While all the current medical evidence indicates schools are very safe places for students and staff to be at, Dunsborough Primary will be putting into place the following additional actions, as recommended by the WA Government and the Education Department, to further enhance the level of protection provided for our students and staff.
1. Parents are asked to please not enter the school grounds and to drop off and pick up their child/children outside the school’s gates/boundary.
To facilitate this request, the following pick up and drop off arrangements will apply from the start of next term until further notice.
Parents are to drop off their K students off at the gate at the top car park (Next to the Gardener’s Shed) from 8.55 – 9.10am in the morning. They will be met by school staff who will direct/take them to their classrooms. Parents arriving in cars are asked to stay in their vehicles.
Parents/Carers picking up their K children are to wait outside the same gate at the top car park at 2.55pm. Kindy students will be taken to this area by school staff and handed over to their parent/carer to take them home.
NOTE: Parents dropping off Kindy students with older siblings can drop them off before 8.55am at the top car park gates/ entry to the school with the older sibling escorting them to their Kindy classroom first before making their way to their own classroom.

Parents are to drop off Pre Primary Students at the Kiss n Drop gates in Bird Crescent between 8.30 – 8.55am. Parents arriving in cars are asked to stay in their vehicles. School staff will be in attendance at these gates to direct children to their classrooms.
Parents picking up Pre Primary Students are to wait outside the Kiss n Drop Gates at 3.00pm. Pre Primary students will be taken to this area by school staff and handed over to their parent/carer to take them home.

Parents/Carers of students in years 1 to 6 who wish to drop their child/children off at school are asked to do this between 8.30 – 8.55am at one of the following spots.
1. The front of the school in Turner Street
2. The entry to the school from the top car park
3. The gates at the Kiss n Drop area in Burt Crescent.

Parents arriving in cars are asked not to leave their vehicles. Parents walking to school with the child are asked to not enter the school grounds.
Parents of Y1 students & Y2 students from R7, who wish to pick up their child in person from school are asked to wait outside the gates at the front of the school between the Admin Building and the library at 3.10pm. Parents of Y2 students in other rooms are asked to wait at the front of the Admin Building, also at 3.10pm. Students in years 1 & 2 who know they are being picked up a parent/carer after school, will be directed to move to these areas to wait to be collected by their parents. A member of the school Admin will be on hand to supervise these pick ups.
NOTE: Year 1 & 2 students can also be picked up by a parent or carer from the top car park. Students are to wait in the area next to the school’s water tank for parents to collect them from the school entry point next to the car park.
Y1 & Y2 students also have the option of going to the school’s Kiss N Drop area to be picked up by parents in their vehicles, as is normally the case after school.
Parents of year 3 – 6 students who wish to pick their children up after school will need to make arrangements with their child/children to meet at a pre-determined spot outside the school grounds or pick them up in their vehicles from the school’s Kiss n Drop area.
NOTE: The practice of students utilizing active transport options to come to school for health and safety reasons e.g. walking or riding a bike, is still strongly encouraged.
Parents, particularly of younger students in years 1, 2 & 3, are also asked to please notify their child’s class teacher, in writing, preferably in their child’s school diary, when they will be picking their child up after school.

2. School Cleaners will be on the school site all day from the start of term 2 undertaking a number of additional cleaning tasks, in line with health advice. These tasks will include:
• Cleaning and disinfecting all toilets before school, before recess and lunch and at the end of day.
• Regularly cleaning and disinfecting all school playgrounds, sports equipment, musical equipment during the school day.
• Cleaning, every one to two hours, high contact surfaces such as door handles and frames, photocopiers, water troughs, taps etc.
• Wiping down and disinfecting all student desks & work tables before school and again at recess and lunch.
In addition, cleaning staff will ensure all toilet blocks are always equipped with soap and hand towels.
Sufficient supplies of hand sanitizer have also been provided by the Education Department to ensure all classes always have at least one bottle in their classroom.
3. Ensuring students do not come into close contact with other students and adults and avoid all physical contact.
While recent medical advice has now removed the four square metre and the 1.5 metre distancing rules for students at school, children will still be strongly encouraged to not come into close contact with any other students and/or adults. Activities involving physical contact will be not be allowed.
4. Continuing to encourage children to drink only from their own water bottles and thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water after going to the toilet and before eating food.
Where to next?
The measures and actions described in this update will remain in place until the end of week 3 of this term, at this stage. and will be subject to ongoing monitoring and review.
It is expected that further announcements will be made by the Government in response to Health advice, which may see the status quo continued, or easing some of these measures, as we move towards returning to regular full school operation.

Other Week One Information
• School Bus services will be running as normal.
• The School’s canteen will not be open in week 1, however, depending on student numbers, will re-open for week 2.
• SIM (School of Instrumental Music) lessons for year 5 & 6 students will re-commence in week 1.
Kindy Group A students are due to commence this coming Wednesday.

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