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 Aboriginal Education Article Thursday 5th October 1967

Aboriginal Education 


This article from the Busselton Margaret River Times was recently found in a book donated to Coles in Dunsborough and handed on to our local custodian Josh Whiteland. We are so pleased to add it to our archives.  The junior teacher at the time Mrs Gladys Hill engaged the students with practical activities to learn about Aboriginal culture.  It is also interesting to note the sustainability practices at school in 1967 " Under the supervision of headmaster Mr Keith Chesson, children not only plant and tend flowers and shrubs, but also keep records of the work done." 


Mrs Gladys Hill's Class of 1969

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The First Day at Dunsborough Primary School

Margaret-Busselton Times Thursday 4 July 1963

For 13 "Little-ies" - grades 1, 2 and 3 - their first day at Dunsborough's new 29,000 pound school last Monday was a novelty - a change from the dingy 60 year old classroom they've had so far this year. Here Miss Read is about to get ready for her first lesson in the new building with: Front row (left to right) Margaret Keenan, Zelda Ensor, David Guy, Geoff Burton: Second row Alwynne Nobbs, Richard Butler, Margaret Nobbs, Bill Ashby, Ada Robertson: Third row Alex Robertson, Andrew d'Espeissis, Simon Hemsley, Andrew McNally. The school opened with 35 pupils. It will be officially opened on August 9, by the Minister for Education.

Making Way for Better Things

Margaret-Busselton Times 31st January 1963

Quindalup’s 60 year old one-room school over-crowded and threatened with “invasion” by the sea, will fall into disuse in May.
Eric Melville, of Yallingup, has finished his five day clearing programme on the 10 acre new school site.

Yallingup Parents Win School Bus Controversy

YALLINGUP: Four families have won the battle of the school bus - a victory that marks the beginning of the end of Yallingup school.

Seven children from the four families began attending Dunsborough school officially as from last Monday – this time with the blessing of the Education Department.

They began attending the school unofficially the previous Monday. But they were withdrawn after 2 days when the department ruled they must continue to attend Yallingup School.

The battle has been going on within the Yallingup Parents and Citizen’s Association ever since the department announced plans to build the new school at Dunsborough.

Because the seven children involved in the changeover were left at Yallingup school unattended for more than an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon each school day, the parents of the four families rebelled. They were deeply concerned that there was no supervision over the children during that period.

The children had to catch the Busselton High School bus at about 7.40 each morning.

New Dunsborough School Future Junior High

DUNSBOROUGH: The district's new 25,000 pound school will eventually become a junior high school. It will act as a feeder for Busselton High School.

It will also mean the ultimate closure of Yallingup school, pupils from which will attend Dunsborough. The Director-General of Education, Dr T L Robertson, said this at the official opening of the new school last Friday.

He said: "The department has been giving this district consideration for a new school for the past 10 years.

"We were not able to proceed as fast as we would have liked, mainly because parents did not wish it."

"I hope the next move will be the closure of Yallingup school. But we will not override the wishes of parents. However, we hope that parents will see the logic of sending their children to Dunsborough school.

Our 1979 Year 1 Class

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Our 1979 Year 2 - 3 Class

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Our 1979 Year 4 - 5 Class

Our 1979 Year 6-7 Class

Mr Watts Year 3/4 Class 1983

For 30 years Mr Peter Watts has helped 100’s of children at Dunsborough Primary School acquire the skills they needed to be successful learners and contribute positively to our society.

A great team player, Peter has always had the best interests of his students and the community of Dunsborough at heart.  After all these years of experience at the one school it would have been very easy for Peter to cruise along repeating the same lessons year after year and settle into what is known in teaching as the “comfort zone”.

But to Peter’s credit he has continually looked to take on new challenges and has made certain his teaching always reflected the latest research and “best practices”. The hard work and long hours he put into trying to be the best teacher he could possibly be were suitably rewarded in 2009 when he was elevated to the status of a Level 3 advanced Skills Teacher.  

Since 2008, as the school’s Science Curriculum Coordinator, Peter has single handedly raised the profile and quality of Science Teaching in the school. So much so that Dunsborough Primary was one of only nine schools and the only one in the South West to be chosen to be a Science Teacher Development School in 2011.

Peter Watts’s contribution over 30 years is an achievement that will ensure he holds a unique place in the history of Dunsborough Primary School.

Our 1983 Staff Photo

Our 1983 Staff, Mr Watts' first year at Dunsborough Primary School.

We Are 50 Years Old - Our History


The transfer of the Quindalup School to this new Dunsborough School took place in July 1963.  

“It is an excellent building – not yet completed and with grounds work delayed by a very wet winter.  Numbers have been supplemented with 7 children from Yallingup – now 37 total – and it seems probable that the Yallingup School will consolidate here in the new-year raising numbers to 60.

The Headmaster, Louis Young, has been several years here I commend his interest and energetic cooperation in association with the school transfer.

Junior grade class 1, 2 & 3 total 16 and senior grade class 4, 5, 6 & 7 total 21.  

The P & C Association continues to give full cooperation and is organising new equipment for the new school.”

John Mack
District Supt
7 October 1963

“In 1964 Yallingup School consolidated with Dunsborough School and numbers increased to 56.  Development of the site continued with the incorporation of a playground and other equipment into the school.  Special attention has been given to the development of the grounds – the laying out of lawns, the preservation of an area of natural bush, the planning of a nature trail, the planting as part of the Arbour Day Ceremony, of Norfolk Island pines and varieties of wattles.

The school participates in interschool sports and was recently successful in and interschool carnival in Busselton.

The P & C Association raised £10+ at a fete last Saturday and is supporting the programme of school development whole-heartedly.  Term socials for the children are held and educational tours have been made.

The Headmaster, Louis Young, is commended for the energy and imagination he is displaying in establishing this school.”

F Braimbridge & C M Cook
District Supt
28 October 1964

Admissions Register Quindalup & Dunsborough School 1943 - 1956

Quindalup School Admissions Journal 1943 - 1956
The transfer of the Quindalup School to the new Dunsborough Primary School took place in July 1963. 30 Students were enrolled, another 7 students moved from Yallingup School giving a total of 37 students.

Yallingup School Admissions Journal 1922 - 1963

Yallingup School Admissions Journal 1922 - 1969

In 1964 Yallingup School consolidated with Dunsborough Primary School bringing student numbers up to 56. This journal continued to be used by Dunsborough Primary School from 1964 to 1963.

Past Principal's

1963 - 1966 
Mr Louis Young 

1967 - 1970 
Mr Keith John Chesson 

1971 - 1973 
Mr Richard Shalders 

Mr Kimberley Sawyer 

Mr Neil Henry Taylor 

1976 - 1978 
Mr R T McMahon 

1979 - 1983 
Mr Edward J Whitely 

1984 - 1999 
Mr Kevin Rainbird 

Mr Bevin Hadlow 

2001- Current 
Mr Garry Jones 

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