School Board

Dunsborough Primary School has been an Independent Public School since 2010. Every Independent Public School must have a School Board to work with the Principal to provide good governance for the school and deliver positive outcomes for students. 

The Dunsborough School Board is made up of 10 members.
  • The School Principal
  • 3 elected staff representatives
  • 4 elected parent representatives and
  • 2 community representatives
Role of the Board:
The primary role of the Board is to ensure that the best interests of the students are always the motivation behind all that happens at school. The Board works to determine the best long term future for the school, setting and monitoring the key directions, evaluating the school’s performance and overseeing its operation. It also endorses financial arrangements and assists the Principal with staff selection if required.

The Board is not involved in the specific daily management of the school, or in performance management of staff. These are roles of the Principal.

The Board works alongside the P&C in trying to nurture and create the best environment for our children; however the P&C focuses more on the on-ground immediate needs and wants of the school. The Board liaises and consults regularly with the P&C and other committees within the school to ensure the opinions of all major stakeholders in the school community are represented


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