Parent Liaison Officers

The PLO, Parent Liason Officer, serves a primary role in maintaining good communication between parents, while also being a valuable resource to the teacher, the class and the scfhool. The PLO also facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community. The function of the PLO is not meant to be an arduous task!

What is the purpose of a PLO (class rep)?
Essentially the PLO has a pivotal role in supporting the work of a class and teacher through communication of specific information to parents, integrating the school community by engaging parents and building social networks within the school. This is an important role at every year level and particulary helpful for new parents to the school. 

Collating a class contact list is an essential tool for providing timely and relevane information to parents.
Some examples of the role are:
> Attending P&C meetings at least once per term (this can be delgated or shared) to stay up to date with relevent activities and school information as well as building links with other PLO's and the P&C Committee.
> Facilitating and/or prividing details of any opportunities to meet socially.
> Seeking parent involvement within the class as requested by class teachers.
> Seeking volunteers or donations as required.
Coordinating your class Fete staff (coordinate.....not do it all yourself).

There are key school events that rely on the parent community for input, donations of time, resources and provide occasion for families to meet, mix and have fun. You will be informed of such events and will coordinate any responses to specific requests made by class teachers. These will include:
School Fete - biannual event and the biggest fund raising activity of the school.
Easter Big Brekkie - Annual event held close to Easter for the school community.
> Art Exhibition and Community Curry night - a biannual event alternating with the school fete.

Examples of ideas and activities that previous class reps have considered for social events include:
> Simmos
> Boat ramp beach catchups
> Dinners
> End of year celebrations

What support is available to PLO's?
The PLO is a voluntary role supported by Dunsborough Primary School and the P&C.
Your P&C Committee are a great resource for any questions you have about the role adn to provide support and infomation. Staff in the Administration Building are also a valuable contact and a font of knowledge.
It is essential that there is a PLO for each class. In the past some classes have had 2 PLO's and this has also worked well. Fello PLO's provide great support and ideas.

PLO's only, will be requested to provide their contact details to the P&C to facilitate specific requests for assistance and to provide minutes of the meetings.

If you need to make contact with the P&C Committee please speak to the staff in the Admin Building and they will put you in touch.


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