As stated in the School Education Act 1999, it is expected all students should attend school for each day that is open for instruction unless unwell and/or physically incapable of attending.

The Act also states parents need to obtain permission from the Principal for their child/children to have a leave of absence from school for an extended holiday or for any other reason other than health related.

If your child/ren will be absent please advise the school by following the instructions below.

Please use Connect to advise DPS if your child/children will be absent from school for 1 - 3

Login into your Connect at 

You may also email DPS on
phone the friendly office staff on 9781 3777

Parents are asked to please email to request an absence for child/children from school to participate in a holiday or other activities. This form should be emailed at least one month prior to the requested departure from school (except in extenuating circumstances)

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they have informed their child's class teacher of the absence. It is not the responibility of staff members to provide any lesson materials for students taking an extended holiday/period of leave. We recommend students continue with their reading and keep a journal.

Missed assessments and absence from the class teaching programme may have a detrimental effect on a child's academic progress and learning which may result in a lower than expected report grade.


Attendance Categories and Likely Outcomes

Regular: 90 – 100% Best chance of achieving potential

At Risk: 80 – 89% Lessened chance of achieving potential

At Moderate Risk: 60 – 79% Limited chance of achieving potential

At Severe Risk: 0 – 59% Unlikely to achieve potential



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