Dunsborough Primary School Art Department teaches children to foster their creative skills and think like an artist! By exploring materials and techniques, children are encouraged to express their ideas through making art. In our well-equipped art room students have the opportunity to acquire skills in ideas development, observational drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, construction and sculpture.  We are lucky to have a kiln and teach many different ceramic techniques as well.


Our school values Visual Art.  Students have designed and created many permanent art works around the school and we regularly enter work into local art competitions like Sculpture By the Bay. The school also produces a calendar every year that features student artworks.  The Calendar Art exhibition is an annual event where our school community comes together to vote for the work that will be in the following years calendar.


In line with the Western Australian Visual Arts Curriculum, students are assessed in Making and Responding. Through project-based learning children are given space and time to make art that responds to the work of other artists, their experiences or their environment.  If you would like to see what our students do, visit our Art Department Pinterest account.  Search for   Cape Creatives – Dunsborough Primary School Art.


Karen Seaman
Art Specialist
Dunsborough Primary School 



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