Academic Extension

Ensuring students are challenged academically and given every opportunity to achieve to the highest level they can is a major focus for our school.

Within each class, teachers provide a differentiated curriculum that caters for the academic needs and capabilities of each and every student.

Teachers at Dunsborough Primary use a range of teaching strategies, such as inquiry based learning, cooperative learning, goal setting and having a growth mindset, to ensure capable students are consistently challenged and encouraged to extend their understandings. 

Students in Years 5 and 6 identified, through state wide testing conducted in Year 4, as having high academic potential are invited to participate in the Education Department’s Primary Academic and Challenge Program (PEAC).

This program, run by a specialist PEAC Teacher, brings together all of the PEAC students from schools in the Busselton area during the year to meet and engage in a number of academic extension and enrichment courses.  

Dunsborough Primary School also provides opportunities for academically talented students to be extended through activities such as

  • Young Writers Workshops (Y6) conducted by the Fremantle Literature Centre once a term and
  • TAGS (Talented and Gifted Students) courses run before and after school by staff in a range of learning areas including Maths, Art & Craft, Music and Physical Education.


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