Pastoral and Wellbeing Support-PAWS

School Pastoral And Wellbeing Support – PAWS


Dunsborough Primary School receives funds from the State Government for a pastoral support role in our school. Our School Pastoral and Wellbeing Support (PAWS) Co-ordinator Nikki Sienkewitz integrates herself into all aspects of school life and community here at DPS. Her role is likened to that of the “school friend” and she is available on a number of days during the school week to support our children, their parents and our staff team. Nikki engages in a number of activities that support the social, emotional, mental and physical development of students.

Nikki is employed by YouthCARE and has to comply with all the standards in relation to the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). There are standards in qualification, competency, child protection requirements and code of conduct. An independent evaluation of the NSCP found the service to be highly effective in boosting student wellbeing. Our Dunsborough Primary School’s PAWS program involves no religious content, is available to all and is also completely voluntary.


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