Mobile Phone Policy

The school’s policy on the use of mobile phones by students is that they should not to brought to school and under no circumstances are they to be used during school hours or during school activities by children.

The bringing of mobile phones and other valuable equipment and toys by children to school is not encouraged as these items often attract considerable interest from other children which can result in distress if these items are damaged or misplaced.

Parents who feel their child needs to have access to a mobile phone for safety or other reasons either on the way to on the way home from school are asked to please advise their child’s class teacher who can make arrangements for these phones to be kept in a safe place while their child is at school.

Children caught using a mobile phone at school may have their phone confiscated by a teacher or the school admin. It will be returned at the end of the day. Parents/Guardians will be contacted if this takes place. Further sanctions may be imposed by the school if a student chooses to continue to use a mobile phone at school. 

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