Dress Code Policy

The Dunsborough Primary School Board has established a dress code for all primary students attending the school.

The School Board believes a school dress code:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school;
  • Assists in building school and team spirit;
  • Ensures students are safely and appropriately dressed for specific school activities;
  • Encourages equity among students, avoiding competitive dressing and its associated financial burden.


Students should ensure they take appropriate protection from the sun when outdoors, ie.hat and sunscreen; the school has a policy of “No Hat No Play in the Sun” all year except in the months of June and July.

Availability of Dress Code Items

Dunsborough Primary School uniforms can be purchased through Uniform Concepts Super Store in Busselton. They sell all items of the school uniform inclding faction hats, skorts, shorts, shirts, jackets, sports shorts and tacksuit pants. Their address is 33 Bussell Hwy, Busselton Ph. 08) 9270 4663. They also provide an online ordering service by going to the following website www.nellgray.com.au 
  • Plain items in the designated school colours may also be purchased from any clothing or department store.
  • Students whose families may experience financial difficulties regarding the purchase of a Uniform should contact the Principal to discuss the situation.

Modifications to the Dress Code

Students who may wish to modify the school dress code, for religious or health reasons, are required to make an appointment with the Principal. Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.

Students not following the dress code will receive:

  • counselling from the Principal on the benefits of the dress code;
  • assistance/support in obtaining suitable clothing and, if necessary,
  • a pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification.

Students not following the dress code may be denied the opportunity to represent their school at official school activities, which include choir, sporting and social events.

Dress Code Requirements

  • White or navy with white collar School logo polo T-shirt with collar. Plain white or navy polo T-shirts with collar, no slogans or multi coloured designs. Navy School windcheaters and zip jackets with school logo, or any plain navy wind-cheaters/jumpers, no slogans or multi coloured designs.
  • Navy track suit pants or slacks or navy blue waisted straight leg pants. Large logos, slogans, multi coloured designs, hipsters or baggy fit pants or faded stonewash colours are not acceptable. (Please note: Denim jeans are not part of the school dress code)
  • Navy pleated skirts. (All skirts to be worn at a modest length)
  • Navy shorts, above knee length with no slogans or multi coloured designs.
  • Appropriate footwear, ie. Flat shoes and white or navy socks or strapped flat sandals. No thongs, scuffs, high heels or platform soles.
  • Faction coloured polo T-shirts with collars and sport shorts or skirts may be worn for physical education and sports carnivals, navy bloomers or sports briefs to be worn under sports skirts.
  • Only approved sun smart school hats to be worn. Hats must be kept free of graffiti.
  • Long hair is to be tied up for health and safety.
  • Make up, nail polish and excessive jewellery should not be worn to school.

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