A new national Technologies Curriculum was released in 2018 and Dunsborough Primary school chose to support Staff and students with its implementation through a part time specialist programme in the specific area of Digital Technology.


The curriculum has two components Digital Technology and Design and Technology.


Digital Technology introduces computer science concepts including students learning about digital systems, collecting managing and analysing data and creating solutions using digital devices.  Students learn the essential lessons of cyber-safety and learn to be responsible digital citizens.


Students from Year 1 - 6 learn to programme a variety of floor robots, use interfaces and create animations using blockly coding language.  The applications and devices used allow students to achieve at their individual level and demonstrate their creativity and understanding. 

To provide a meaningful context for learning, at our school, the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals are used when students work to create solutions to real world problems such as plastic in our oceans through special projects.


Design and Technology is taught by classroom teachers and the outcomes are often achieved through integrated STE(A)M learning projects. STE(A)M is Science, Technology, Engineering the Arts and Maths. The contexts in D&T include food and fibre production, materials and technologies specialisation and engineering principles and systems. These interesting content areas provide excellent learning opportunities for our students.


The Technologies curriculum helps students develop skills in collaboration, communication and problem solving, preparing them for future jobs – many that don’t yet exist!


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