DPS Solar Panel Project

In 2018 Dunsborough Primary School, in conjunction with the School’s Board, commenced an ambitious project to move our school towards becoming more sustainable in our use of energy. Called “Fuel our School”, a fundraising campaign was launched to raise funds to increase our solar energy capability.

Over $28000 was raised through donations from our school community. These funds enabled the school to install an additional 80 solar panels which has lifted our solar power generation to 28kw of free solar energy.

It is anticipated this will result in savings of approx. $5000 in the school’s electricity costs over the coming year.

Moving forward, our School Board will be seeking more injections of community funding to increase our solar power system even further by installing more panels and exploring the use of a solar power battery system. It is hoped these initiatives will bring our goal of achieving self-sufficiency closer to being achieved!

We are excited to be able to show you the completion of our  School's Solar Panel Project in the short video below. Proudly supported by Bendigo Bank and Christian Fletcher.

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