No 7 – 8th April

Dear Parents & Caregivers

The following information is provided to keep families fully informed of the latest developments and actions the Education Department and Dunsborough Primary are taking in response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.


While there is still some uncertainty about what schooling and education will look like in schools next term, every indication from the Government and our Education Department is that our school will be offering a mixture of ‘distance learning’ and physical attendance when term two starts on Tuesday 28 April.

Note: This position could become clearer after all the State Education Ministers meet tomorrow.

In the meantime, under the direction of the WA Government and our Education Department, all our staff have been working extremely hard, particularly during the pupil free days we have given this week, to ensure Dunsborough Primary School is ready to provide every one of students from K – 6 with an appropriate ‘distance learning’ program to undertake at home from the start of term 2.

On advice from the WA Government and the Education Department we are proceeding to plan for term 2 on the basis that:

  • All public schools will remain open.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home. Those who need to send their children to school to maintain employment, children of essential workers and those who require schools to support them overcome particular vulnerabilities, however, may choose to do so.
  • To ensure that all students’ needs are met, staff will be present on our school site.
  • All students will be taught – those attending schools and those learning at home. NOTE: It is our intention that children who do attend school will be taught the same curriculum and be exposed to the same teaching and learning experiences as children who are learning at home.   
  • Student wellbeing remains a priority, notably for our most vulnerable students.


Parents may be asked, from time to time, to pick up resources from school which their child/children will need to have in order to complete distance education tasks at home.

These resources could include class stationery items, school workbooks, text books, photocopied worksheets, paper and craft materials etc. 

Parents of students in K and Y1 have already been asked by their child’s teacher to collect some items this week.

During the first week of term two, class teachers will be communicating with their families to advise

  1. If there are resources to be picked up and
  2. When and how this pick up is to be done.

For some year levels and for some students, teachers may request parents to collect more resources during the term.

Note: The school will be endeavouring to minimise, as much as is practical and possible, the amount of material which parents will be asked to collect from school and take home, to reduce the risk of possible COVID-19 or flu transmission. 


As advised in my last update, No 6, our school will be utilising different, more flexible learning methods, including technology enabled tools, to allow us to effectively deliver teaching and learning programs for students to complete at home.

The main online application Dunsborough Primary has chosen to use as its digital learning platform for home learning across the school, is SEESAW for SCHOOLS.

Parents are reminded, if they haven’t already done this, to please make sure they have downloaded the “Class SEESAW” App onto the internet enabled device their child will be using at home. This App can be accessed, through the internet at                

The SEESAW platform will allow teachers and the school to stay in regular contact with all students and their families. Learning activities will be uploaded for students to access and students can easily do “posts” back to their teachers showing evidence of the work they have done and receive feedback.

IMPORTANT: An email will be sent to parents of all children in our school tomorrow, Thursday 9 April, which will contain the special Home Learning Code for each child to access SEESAW, plus any other information required to log on to other online applications which students will need to access on an internet enabled device (computer, iPad) during the term to fully participate in their class’s ‘distance learning’ program. 


A Digital Support Team at our school will be available from the first day of term 2 to help any parent whose child/children are having technical difficulties with accessing or using SEESAW or any of the other applications they need to use as part of their home learning program. 

Parents who would like help are asked to please send an email outlining the details of the problem you are experiencing to 


Or phone the school on 97813777 during school hours.




Once students have logged into the SEESAW application using their Home Learning Code they will have access to the SEESAW for SCHOOLS digital platform they will be using for their home learning.

However, they will not be able to see or work on any of the activities that their class teacher has uploaded into their Journal for term 2. These activities will all become live on the first day of Term 2 – Tuesday 28 April.

Some Health & Well Being activities, which students are welcome to do during the holidays, will be placed onto the school’s website


Finally, may I take this opportunity to once again, sincerely thank everyone in our school community for all the support you have given our school over the last month as we have been trying to manage the very challenging and uncertain situation we have had to face in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I wish you all a very safe and enjoyable break over the upcoming school holiday break and urge you all to follow the Government’s advice to please stay at home and look after yourselves and your family.


Best wishes





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