Meeka Meelup Mural

Meeka Meelup.


Place to watch the Moon Rise.


This artwork has been made to show our respect to the Wadandi Noongar Moort, Forest and Saltwater families.

They are the traditional owners of this Land.


Meeka MeelupThe idea for the Meeka Meelup Mural grew out of discussions with Josh Whiteland and Dunsborough Primary School Art Specialist, Karen Seaman after Koomal Dreaming had delivered a cultural incursion to all the students at our school.  The mural was designed to provide the school with a beautiful new entry statement that honours the Wadandi people and the seasons through the ocean.


This nineteen-metre ceramic tile artwork was designed by all the Aboriginal students enrolled at Dunsborough Primary School in 2019 and 2020. Many of our Extension Art students have also worked closely with the designers and played a big part in the construction of the Meeka Meelup Mural. Over the last 18 months many other students across all year levels have contributed to this beautiful art work.  


The Meeka Meelup Mural is also a teaching resource. Throughout the project Josh Whiteland shared his family stories and Wadandi knowledge, supporting our school’s efforts to raise awareness about the traditional owners of this land.  Teachers will be able to use the stories and images to teach our students about the Wadandi people and to respect their continuity of culture and the deep connection they have with the land our school sits on. We hope that the students will be inspired by this mural to learn more about Wadandi culture and wisdom.


The Meeka Meelup Mural was officially opened on Wednesday September the 9th 2020.

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